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We offer training programmes and workshops throughout Otago to assist you to be the best you can be.  These range from multi-day programmes to hour-long seminars and updates.  We also specialise in bringing together presenters and topics to provide in-house training tailored to your business needs.  Our programmes and offerings are designed to be affordable, practicable and relevant to enable you and your business to grow.

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CREATING WORKPLACE WELLBEING This workshop explores what a “healthy” workplace looks like and looks at some steps that can be taken to create a work environment that promotes employee health and well-being while enhancing organisational performance, which in turn benefits both the employee and the organisation. 

LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Is for people looking at developing their existing leadership experience and who have the potential for holding senior positions and governance roles. The programme assists the participant to be equipped for leadership within their own organisation/business and the community.

TOOLS FOR TEAM LEADERS Effective leadership is the key to getting the best from your people.  This workshop delivers straight-forward tools and how to apply them to build a high-performing team.



PROJECT MANAGEMENT – PRINCE 2™ FOUNDATION COURSE  The 3-day Foundation course covers the full PRINCE2™ curriculum delivered through presentations, discussions, exercises and exam practice.  The course runs from 8.30am to 5.00pm with a recommended additional 2 hours of exam practice each evening.  The course is fast-paced to give you as much knowledge as possible.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – PRINCE 2™ PRACTITIONER COURSE The 2-day Practitioner course follows the Foundation course and uses scenario-based training focusing on the application of PRINCE2™ under different project environments and scenarios. Review and revision sessions of all PRINCE2™ elements are included throughout the training.



HOW TO SLAY YOUR SALES DRAGONS Developed to increase your knowledge of the fundamentals of an effective sales process.  Achieve fantastic results by learning how to slay your sales dragons.



CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Different views can lead to conflict in the workplace.  This workshop introduces tools for effective conflict management.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION  Learn how to be a more effective communicator in the workplace, identify potentially difficult situations and defuse them.

MANAGE YOUR TIME MORE EFFECTIVELY This session focuses on the basic structures and behaviours needed to achieve excellent time management.  It includes self- assessment, an interactive presentation of the key concepts, and simple systems that work.



The Otago Chamber specialises in training modules, in-house sessions and corporate workshops tailored to fit your organisations’ goals and individual training requirements. If you identify a specific training need within your organisation, we would be happy to put together a workshop to assist you.



Ongoing business training designed to assist Not-for-Profit organisations to improve performance and outcomes. Workshops include accounting for non-accountants, conflict management, courageous conversations, effective communication, essentials for managing staff, governance, strategic planning, treasurer’s responsibilities and social media.

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KIWIHOST promotes best practice for people offering customer service in all business and community support sectors.  The Chamber is the franchise holder for KIWIHOST in Dunedin, Waitaki, East and South Otago.  

SERVICE EXCELLENCE With a focus on developing professional communication skills in all areas - face to face, over the phone, email and messaging - this is a workshop that will transform participants’ relationships with internal and external customers alike.

ADVANCED SERVICE SKILLS FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS A serious workshop for organisations wishing to raise their staff and patient service standard. Provides experienced staff with additional skills that will allow them to provide professional service to staff members and patients on a consistent basis with the aim of consistently exceeding expectations.

APPLIED SERVICE CONCEPTS This is a robust course with many years of use in secondary schools throughout New Zealand.  It has proven to be very successful in providing school students with a solid understanding of the essentials of customer service both face to face and over the telephone; with real skills that will help students to secure jobs in the workforce.  All participants who successfully complete the course and assessments will receive NZQA credits, as well as a participant certificate for the KiwiHost Applied Service Concepts workshop.


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