Leadership Academy - 5 February - 26 March 2021

Leadership Academy

Don't miss out on our Leadership Academy for 2021!

To be better equipped for leadership within your own organisation, workplace or business, apply to our Academy today.

What to expect:

The Leadership Academy is for people looking at developing their existing leadership experience and who have the potential for holding senior positions and governance roles. The programme assists the participant to be better equipped for leadership within their own organisation/business and the community.

The participant, at the completion of the eight experiential and reflective learning sessions, will have a good understanding of what is required to be a significant leader in their own organisation and in the wider business community.

Each of the eight sessions is led by a senior executive from significant Otago based businesses or other organisation. The participant will benefit from the opportunity to interact with the presenter and build an ongoing connection with them.

This will run every Friday for eight weeks and each session will be two hours long and active engagement in dialogue is expected. 


Limited to a maximum of 12 participants registrations 

Dates:  5 February - 26 March 2021


We are excited to include speakers:  Richard Hall, Pr. Robin Gauld, Dr. Sandy Graham, Megan Gibbons.....and more.

Total investment $1,500.00 excl. GST

For more information call 03 479 0181 | email office@otagochamber.co.nz  | www.otagochamber.co.nz


REGISTER - 5 February to 26 March 2021