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The Otago Chamber of Commerce offers an extensive range of health and safety training designed to support your business. The training is facilitated by highly regarded health and safety trainer, Judy Currie.

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Workplace Health and Safety Consultant and Occupational Health Nurse

Judy has been involved in Health and Safety for the last 25 years as an occupational health nurse and workplace health and safety consultant.  This varied and committed involvement has given her a background of experience, knowledge and an understanding of the complexity involved in a wide range of businesses. Judy has worked in industries such as tourism, small businesses, manufacturing, health, local council, civil construction, mining and has worked with both small and large business across New Zealand. This has provided Judy with an insight into what works in business and her years of health and safety training has given Judy an understanding of how to engage people.

Judy has been a contributing member of the HASANZ leadership group which is working with WorkSafe NZ and ACC to improve the standing of health and safety professionals in New Zealand, as a representative for Occupational Health Nurses. Judy continues to work in advisory roles that include the provision of training, policy, systems management and occupational health monitoring for small, medium and large New Zealand enterprises.

EMBRACING, INTEGRATING AND ENGAGING For businesses getting to grips with the Health and Safety at Work Act, we look at what has changed and how to embrace the concepts in your business. This is a good overview of the requirements and their basic integration into management practices. Designed to inform, upskill and move forward. It can be attended by managers, small business owners and health and safety representatives.

ENGAGING THE WORKFORCE This is designed for middle managers, supervisors and health and safety representatives. The age-old question of how do we get everyone involved especially the middle managers and supervisors. Providing discussion on workplace culture and how culture impacts on “the way things are done” in a workplace. Discussing the guidelines under the act and regulations; how can you get involvement in your workplace so health and safety is part of the way workers think.

LESSONS LEARNT - INCIDENT AND ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION When an accident or incident occurs, it is easy to look at one cause or the obvious, when there are often multiple factors influencing what happened.  In a busy work place the time to investigate these events fully is often not done due to time pressure. Finding effective and efficient ways of investigation has huge benefits from productivity to people. This will be run as a workshop and you are encouraged to bring some real-life events along with you to discuss and re-think.  Aimed at business owners, employees, managers, supervisors, team leaders and health and safety representatives who investigate, who require new or updated skills.

CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT - WORKING EFFECTIVELY TOGETHER Under the new Health and Safety at Work Act there is a primary duty of care required by the PCBU or person conducting the business or undertaking. For businesses and organisations they need to consult, coordinate and cooperate, then communicate when working together. This includes all contractors working in your business, events, and where businesses work alongside one another. We will explore how to successfully meet the duty to consult, co-operate, and co-ordinate and what good communication looks like in various settings.

CRITICAL RISK MANAGEMENT This session will explore your workplace risks and help you to identify the top critical risks.  Research and discuss strategies to assist with managing risk. Look at ways of engaging and involving workers in managing the risks, including contractors. Discuss ways of monitoring and reviewing risk.

EFFECTIVE PARTICIPATION AND REPRESENTATION Effective Participation and Representation This is a session for workplaces to explore health and safety systems and whether it is fit for purpose. Do you have a H&S representative(s)? Or a committee that is effective? What should their role be under the HSWA? This is an ideal in house session to review H&S in your workplace or for a manager and representative to come and explore with others, the different ways of doing this.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS IN THE WORKPLACE This is an area that can be a huge cost to business and many are unsure what they must do. Managing health risks requires risk assessment, while health promotion and wellness will enhance productivity if done well, but how do you do it effectively? The new document Healthy Work poses some interesting questions for workplaces.

MOTIVATING CHANGE IN THE WORKPLACE FOR LEADERS This is for managers who want to improve their health and safety performance by developing, performing and leading health and safety in their business.