Outsmart your Smartphone

6 November 2019

    Start Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm
  • Location: Dunedin
  • Venue: Otago Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 442 Moray Place

On average, we pick up our mobiles between 35 and 75 times per day, and spend around eleven years of our lives on our phones.
Forty-six percent of people say they couldn’t live without their phones.

A decade ago that was unimaginable. Now, most of us take our phones everywhere and treat them as extensions of ourselves.



Technology offers so many incredible opportunities, and most businesses would struggle without the streamlining technology brings. Never before has information been more accessible and communication with our colleagues, clients and customers has never been easier. We can connect with many elements of our work from anywhere, at any time - which gives us much more flexibility than we’ve had in the past.

There can be a downside, however. For some people it feels like we’re not really in charge - we find ourselves turning to our devices, over and over again - and this can be to the detriment of our relationships or our time available for other activities that we value.

If any of this sounds familiar - and you’d like to gain control over your use of technology so you’re free to truly switch off when you want to - I’d love you to show you how you can outsmart your smartphone.

Join us for this training and we’ll walk through a step-by-step system to take control of your time online - so technology feels like a force for good in your life (not a tyrannical toddler who demands your attention multiple times every hour).


  • why time online is so appealing, and why it’s so easy to get lost in cyberspace
  • the interactions between our brains and tech - and why they don’t always play nicely
  • strategies for identifying what your ideal relationship with technology looks like, and for changing habits you’ve developed around using technology


  • how your phone/mobile tech use impacts on your everyday life and relationships how to regain control of your Technology use and set boundaries around how you spend time online
  • how to make the most of the benefits technology offers, while avoiding common traps and hazards
  • how to create harmony between the time you spend online for work or business and your own lifestyle needs



Nicola Brown - Efficiency Coach

Nicola is an efficiency, organisational and executive coach who helps people make the most of their time, energy and resources, so they can take care of themselves while doing the work that matters most to them. She loves helping people move from flustered to flourishing and from overwhelmed to organised. She coaches individuals and organisations all around NZ and the world, supporting and inspiring people to take control of their time so they can do the work they love and live the life they crave. She also encourages people to laugh at this frantic, sped-up world we live in.

When she isn’t coaching and speaking, Nicola is a clinical psychologist in private practice with more than 20 years’ experience. She also does hip-hop and afro fusion dance, and dabbles in standup comedy (although never simultaneously!).

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$65.00 NZD (incl. GST)