ONLINE LEARNING: How to Reinvent your Business

1 July 2020

    Start Time: 12:00pm to 12:00pm
  • Location: ONLINE with Michael Carney of Netmarketing Courses
  • Venue: ONLINE with Michael Carney of Netmarketing Courses

The course consists of eight lessons delivered via the Net on a weekly basis.

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Lesson One: Take Stock of Your Situation

In this lesson, we encourage you to understand the true impact of the recession on your business. We step you through the processes that will enable you to:

  • Examine the fundamentals of your business and your industry sector
  • Evaluate the "new normal" marketplace that's expected to dominate for the next few years
  • Gather information on your competitors and how they are reacting to changed market conditions

Then we help you plot a path that takes advantage of these findings.

Lesson Two: How will your customers behave?
In this lesson, we discuss how different customer segments behave in response to recessionary pressures, and recommend appropriate strategies and tactics for each segment.

Lesson Three: Identify Unprofitable Activities
"Cost control is a necessary obsession for any business. In good times however, it is frequently subordinated to the imperatives of growth and development. In a recession, cost control and cost reduction must be a prime focus of management who should start with a blank sheet."

In this lesson, we will help you to identify your unprofitable activities and make the necessary adjustments, to ensure that you focus your attention on your most profitable pursuits.
Lesson Four: Listen
In this lesson, we explore consumer and competitor monitoring, where you should look, how you should look and what you should look for.

Lesson Five: Promote Products/Services That Offer Greatest Customer Benefits
In this lesson, we discuss the (paid and unpaid) marketing opportunities open to you and how you might leverage them to maximum effect, whilst highlighting key consumer benefits. We also discuss the general trend towards online marketing and how best to take advantage of that trend to establish a strong position in your market.

Lesson Six: Innovate
During the 2007/8 recession, “while most companies tightened their belts, successful leaders, trading lower short-term profitability for long-term gain, refocused rather than cut spending.”
In this lesson, we explore innovation and inspiration, illustrated with examples of many companies, both locally and globally, that have seized on recessionary times to develop and market innovative products and services.

Lesson Seven: Go Digital (as much as you can)
In this lesson we help you to evaluate where best to apply digital transformation to your organisation, what systems and processes to prioritise, what bottlenecks will inevitably arise and where to turn for expert assistance.

Lesson Eight: Growth-Hack
You may be unfamiliar with the term "growth-hack". It's a neologism that has arisen in recent times to describe business activities designed to dramatically accelerate growth.

In the current economic climate, accelerated success through growth-hacking is almost mandatory. In this lesson, we explore a wide range of examples of growth-hacking in practice, and identify key strategies to help you magnify the success of your efforts, shamelessly borrowing ideas from some of the world's leading exploiters of growth-hacking.

Business post-Covid-19 can't be the same. Don't get stuck clinging to the patterns of the past, it's time to seriously reinvent your business for a new and more profitable future.

This course begins on Friday 3 July 2020.
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