Not for Profit: Courageous conversations in the workplace - Alexandra

27 May 2021

    Start Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Location: Alexandra
  • Venue: The Church Lounge, Alexandra Community House, 14 - 20 Centennial Avenue, Alexandra

Many people are put off having difficult conversations and often avoid them, but people leaders today more than ever must be skilled at courageous conversations. This interactive workshop looks at building the skills of being effective in having those tough conversations with competence and confidence.

Designed for the people leaders and those business owners facing issues such as poor performance, challenging behaviours, wellbeing concerns with team members and tough employment decisions. 

Learning Outcomes:

·         Understand the opportunities for courageous conversations
·         Identify the key skills required to be successful in courageous conversations
·         Develop the confidence in thoroughly preparing for a courageous conversation
·         Identify what can get in your way and how you will get around the obstacles
·         To understand the common mistakes when having courageous conversations
·         Confidence to articulate well-structured questions
·         A deeper understanding of non-verbal communication and how to use it to enhance your courageous conversations
·         The ability to use the DESC model for assertive language when addressing more challenging courageous conversations
·         The ability to ask yourself reflective questions to deepen your learning


  • Consider the courageous conversations you are needing to have and come ready to share (with confidentiality considered) your issue
  • Think about any specific questions that you may have around courageous conversations.

Linzi Ebbage-Thomas
Executive Coach and Organisational Development Consultant

Linzi is an Executive Coach and Organisational Development Consultant for a number of local, national and global organisations offering coaching, consultation, facilitation and executive assessment.

During the last 19 years in New Zealand Linzi has successfully created and operated her own hospitality businesses, consulted for Sheffield Ltd and the Mental Health Foundation. She is currently an Owner/Director for PURE NZ Ice Cream and also operates her own coaching and consulting business across New Zealand. Linzi is putting into practice what she preaches!

Through her experience, Linzi brings sound advice on how to make a difference to an individual, team and organisation, delivering in a fresh and pragmatic style to individuals and groups.




Not for Profit organisations, clubs, charities and their members qualify for Not for Profit subsided workshops at the rate of $50 incl. GST, thanks to support from the Otago Community Trust.

Organisations outside of the Not for Profit sector are welcome to attend this workshop at the commercial rate of $395 incl. GST per person.

For a full refund to be given, cancellation must be received no less than 48 hours prior to the workshop date. 

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