Not for Profit: Career Planning - Part 2 of 2

1 July 2020

    Start Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm
  • Location: Dunedin
  • Venue: Otago Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 442 Moray Place

Self-awareness is the foundation of personal growth and success.  The charge, “know thyself,” is centuries old, but it has never been more important.

A great career doesn’t just happen by itself it takes time, effort and most importantly, planning, to get right.  A Professional Development Plan that considers your overall life, aspirations and objectives can be extremely useful in helping to clarify your career goals and sharpen your focus especially around development to do today in preparation for tomorrow.

By the end of the workshop we aim for the following learning outcomes:

  • To have gained a deeper understanding of self and improved self-awareness
    • Life Wheel exercise (pre-work)
    • Values exercise (pre-work)
    • Strenghts and Passions exercise (pre-work)
  • To have deepened your understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • To explore how a 360 EQ Tool may assist in developing self
  • To further your understanding of the Kolb Action Learning Cycle and how reflective practice fits into your life and can deepen your development
  • To develop a Professional (and Career Pathway) Development Plan using the 70:20:10 approach (post workshop reading of White Paper)
  • Post workshop task will be to prepare a Life Plan, using the concept 'Begin-with-the-end-in-mind'

Training Presenter:  Linzi Ebbage-Thomas, Career Steps


This Zoom session is spread over two, 2 hour sessions – attendance at both is required for full benefit.  

Course Costs:  The course costs for the commercial rate are inclusive of Part 1 and Part 2

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Not for Profit organisations, clubs and their members qualify for Not for Profit workshops. For a full refund to be given, cancellation must be received no less than 48 hours prior to the workshop date. 

Organisations outside of the Not for Profit sector are welcome to attend this workshop at the commercial rate of $260+GST ($299 incl. GST) per person.

Payments can be made on registration by cash or cheque payable to The Otago Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 5713, Dunedin 9054 | online to Westpac #03 0905 0970271 00 | Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted on our secure website payment page when you register above.

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$50.00 NZD (incl. GST)