Mastering Presentation & Speaking Techniques

15 October 2021

    Start Time: 9:00am to 4:30pm
  • Location: Dunedin
  • Venue: Otago Chamber of Commerce, Level 3, 442 Moray Place

CMC 002
  • Self-Assessment and ice breaker
  • Strategies that create confidence and manage nervousness
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • The Science of Speaking
  • Understanding and refining speaking skills
  • Speech or presentation structure essentials that create impact
    • Content
    • Body Language
    • Vocal Variety
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Assessing the audience
  • Stage Management
  • The 5 principles of avoiding “Death by Power Point”
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Craig McGregors Books 002Your participation

  • Business and speaking resources folder
  • Structure Guide and Mind Mapping
  • Professional Speaking and Presentation
  • Cue Cards
  • Things to do today pad
  • A copy of my book “How to Save the World” one question at a time



Business leaders, executives and owners, professionals, sales managers, organisational teams, individuals who speak at events and conferences, those in community positions and those in technical positions who want to make their advanced presentations more relatable and understandable.



Craig McGregor

Love to Speak
Raised in Dunedin, Craig McGregor has worked in diverse industries such as banking, insurance, stadium management and pathology. However, after hearing a radio show hosted by Jim Mora at Radio New Zealand late in 2018, he made the decision to set up his own business as a professional emcee, speaker, speaking coach and published author.Craig’s overnight decision took 12 years. In 2006, he attended a conference in Australia where the Emcee was 1998 World Champion of Public Speaking - Brett Rutledge. He promised himself then and there – “If Brent can do it, so can I.”  Since then he has been in 6 Toastmasters New Zealand District 72 Speaking Finals, with 2 Bronze medals (2016 and 2018) and 1 Gold Medal (2012) which took him to semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking in Orlando, Florida, USA.Craig’s passion is helping people just like you to love to speak and perform at their best.

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$865.00 NZD (incl. GST)