Otago Regional Business Partners Network

What is the Regional Business Partners network?

Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network helps New Zealand businesses innovate and grow. The Regional Business Partner Network makes it easier for businesses to access early stage support that may be available. The network is made up of 14 Regional Business Partners around New Zealand and is supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation, the Crown entity charged with accelerating commercialisation of innovation by firms in New Zealand.

The Otago RBP network is  focused on helping small businesses to grow and succeed. Our Growth Advisors will assist small business owners to identify business development needs and then link them into training programmes, mentoring services, and/or research and development funding.

Our growth advisors work closely with Business Mentors New Zealand and Callaghan Innovation to get you the support your small business needs to thrive. For more information please contact email Tara Druce, Growth Advisor Manager.

The Network can help you:

  • gain an outside perspective from an independent, experienced business advisor in a confidential environment
  • plan the next steps to grow your business
  • determine if you are eligible for Capability Development vouchers or research and development (R&D) funding for business growth
  • connect with a business mentor, the local business community, industry networks and clusters

If you are a business seeking advice and support to help you grow, get in touch with the Chamber as your local Regional Business Partner and have a conversation about where to next. 

Email Tara Druce for more information on tara@otagorbp.co.nz | www.otagochamber.co.nz

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So what can the Chamber offer you under this RBP programme?

Fully Funded Assessments

Fully funded assessments are available for your business from the Chamber. The assessment will provide an opportunity for businesses to identify options for development and growth. Some of these options can be accessed using Capability Development Vouchers. 


Business Mentors

We are the Otago agent for Business Mentors NZ, a charitable trust founded to provide mentoring services to small businesses (less than 25 staff).  Through Business Mentors NZ we can work to match you up with a experienced and successful business mentor.  Email Cara Bradley at business@otagorbp.co.nz for more information.

Callaghan Innovation

Our Growth Advisors also work with Callaghan Innovation to administer research and development grants, particularly in the area of high-tech innovation or research and development. Email Ross Grey at  innovation@otagorbp.co.nz for more information.


Capability Development Vouchers 

Capability Development Vouchers which we can issue to qualifying businesses once an assessment is done for you.  These vouchers allow you access to a partial subsidy of up to 50% on any approved training workshop, course and/or coaching offered by a training organisation of your choice, with a maximum or $5000 per annum.


Approved Training Provider 

The Chamber as an approved provider of training in the Otago region under this Partnership Network is ready to assist you with your training needs.  We currently boast a training portfolio of over 75 different course titles but can also put together training courses and programmes that fit your individual requirements.  Our Growth Advisors also work with other approved training providers to offer you a range of training available throughout the region.