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Samsung Galaxy S4

Paul Allen reviews the SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 after a trial of the product supplied by Vodafone NZ.

(20 November 2013)

First let me make a confession, I am an Apple fan, at home I use an iMac and I also use an iPad althoughwhile at work I use a Windows 7 desktop. My current mobile is a small and somewhat limited Samsung Galaxy Mini with 160MB of memory. This old phone is only useful for day to day text messages and phone calls anything beyond that it starts to struggle. When the Vodafone business team in Dunedin gave me the opportunity to try the top-of-line 16GB Galaxy S4 I jumped at the chance. Spec wise the Galaxy S4 is a great phone and I cannot find fault at all with the speed or functionality. The operating system Android Jellybean is easy to navigate and is in many ways easier to use than iOS on my iPad............FULL review         


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Click here for the specification of the HTC One

The HTC One has an aluminium body that is very well made, feels robust in the hand and is also well balanced. It boasts a 4.7inch LCD screen (slightly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S4). It also has forward facing stereo speakers providing more than adequate quality sound. If you love music on the go with excellent sound then this is the phone for you....FULL review