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Do you have the skills and experience that count in the workplace, but not the qualifications to prove it?


The Chamber encourages members to continually look at improving their business, personal and management development. There are numerous ways of achieving this improvement and Capable NZ allows many to turn what they practically know and do into a recognised qualification.

Capable NZ has been established by Otago Polytechnic as an evolution of their highly regarded Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning (CAPL).

For more information about this programme call Cara Bradley here at the Chamber in the first instance on 03 479 0181 or email

CAPABLE NZ – for graduates of the school of life


You may have the skills and experience that count in the workplace, but do you have the qualifications to prove it? A formal qualification can be the key to your career development including promotion, recognition and an increase in your pay scale. And now you don’t have to return to the classroom to get it.

Capable NZ offers a world-leading process for assessing and rewarding existing skills and experience across a wide range of fields against nationally-recognised qualifications from certificate to degree-level. If you need additional learning in order to reach your goals, they can facilitate this as well.

You may find you are already well on the way to having the qualification you need. NZ Capable will help you get there.


Assessing your prior learning

‘Prior learning’ can be described as your own personal combination of career and life experiences. While these experiences are certainly valuable, they can be extremely difficult to measure.

Capable NZ works to help you draw on the experiences you have gained outside of formal education environments in order to demonstrate a deep understanding of your specialist area. The Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) process is rigorous and thorough; the outcome will be a nationally- recognised qualification that appropriately reflects the skills and experience you can bring to the workplace.

Because it requires far less investment of time and money than traditional tertiary study, APL is especially valuable for those who are currently employed.


What kind of qualifications are available?

Capable NZ can support you to achieve a range of qualifications including certificates, diplomas and degrees. Through the APL process you can also receive credit towards qualifications, such as a bachelor’s degree, enabling you to substantially upgrade your education in less time than normal.

NZ Capable qualifications are available in fields including business, management, health, design, hospitality, sport and adventure, trades and technical careers and life sciences. We offer several established pathways but can customise the process to suit your needs.


Capable NZ