Datacom South Island Limited

Payroll solutions

Datacom has payroll applications for every type or size of business. All of our payroll software is provided on a Software As A Service (SaaS) basis so you pay a simple all-inclusive fee depending on what you use. We can also provide a range of options for managing your HRIS requirements.

As cloud payroll applications, you do not need to invest in hardware or software. You do not need to manage databases, install updates or upgrades. You simply connect to our applications over the Internet and you'll be using the latest and greatest version of our software.

Using our cloud applications means that your payroll software will be running in secure Datacom datacentres on powerful servers that are managed by our own IT specialists. Your data will be replicated between two datacentres so that whatever happens, your data will always be available. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and you will be able to pay your employees.

Members will receive free implementation for up to 20 employees saving up to $250 when signing up to NetPay.