Certificates Of Origin

Standard Certificates of Origin

The Chamber can issue Certificates of Origin and certify other trade documents such as commercial invoices, free of sale documents and visa applications for members and others on request.


In order for the Chamber to certify a Certificate of Origin or other documents on behalf of your company you need complete a client indemnity form.  Just email us on office@otagochamber.co.nz  or phone 03 479 0181 or 0800 42 49 68 with any questions.


Electronic Certificates of Origin



The Chamber has an online certification system available. eCert is a fast and cost effective way of lodging and having your Certificate of Origin or other documents certified without the need for couriers. Register and start using eCert now to save time and money.


For certificates of origin under Free Trade Agreements click here 

For more

Call our International Team on 03 479 0181 | E office@otagochamber.co.nz | www.otagochamber.co.nz