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From entry to exit 4Trades takes care of your apprentice

Comprehensive support for you and your apprentice

The purpose of 4Trades is to support and encourage more local businesses to become training hosts to offer full time positions for apprentices. As a not for profit organisation, we aim to provide a valuable and exciting service connecting local businesses with potential apprentices

4Trades is designed to reduce the compliance issues and costs involved in training young people that often stops businesses employing apprentices.

Under 4Trades apprenticeship programme, the apprentice can be selected, employed, managed and mentored by an experienced apprentice facilitator. Leaving the business free to concentrate on the actual job training of the apprentice.

Regular on-site visits from our facilitator ensures that performance management and employment issues are minimised, greatly reducing the apprentice failure rate and saving time and disruption to a host business.

“The service that 4Trades offers from initial selection, work trials and full apprenticeship mentoring is financially competitive and frees our time to concentrate on our core business”

- Vincent Holdings Ltd, Alexandra. 


4Trades manages all aspects of the apprentice’s theory training requirements, liaising with the ITO and tertiary institutions, organising travel and accommodation for block course attendance and most importantly ensuring that apprentices complete and pass their courses!

4Trades is striving to grow business here in Otago, with young qualified keen trade-minded apprentices.

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“4Trades has taken a lot of pressure off us by making sure the apprentices stay on track with correspondence and blocks courses. This just leaves us with the on the job training which is our specialty.”

- Harrow Motor Body Works, Dunedin


We pay for first aid and health and safety training prior to placement

Health and Safety

Prior to the apprentice’s first day on-site, we want to ensure we have provided them with good standard of health and safety theory.

We will pay for our apprentices to participate HazardCo’s online Health and Safety training, to ensure they have correct awareness of potential on-site hazards.

With support from HazardCo we can support our training hosts through the changes in Health & Safety act, to ensure they are providing the apprentice a safe working environment


Getting health & safety right can seem tough, so we’ve made it simple and easy to put in place. We will help you address your legal responsibilities and give you the resources you need to run safe work sites. Our goal at HazardCo is a simple one: “To help ensure everyone gets home safe from work at the end of each and every day".


First Aid Training

Prior to the apprentice’s first day on-site, we will pay for them to attend a Full Workplace First Aid Course.

Our friends at locally owned Workplace First Aid Training, provide us with an excellent service.

 workplace first aid training

First aid is an important part of everyday life – at home, work or at play. Everyone should learn first aid and be willing to administer basic care until emergency assistance arrives. Not every incident that requires first aid is a life-and-death situation but first aid can help in even minor incidents. You will get all the information you need from us – and we are confident you will remember it when you are put on the spot. We know you won’t always have specialist first aid equipment to hand, and we will show you how to improvise in an emergency. At the end of the day this is “first aid” – you need to be able to act before the professionals get there. Even better, our courses are not dull or boring. 



We provide apprentices with the correct personal protection equipment

4Trade apprentices will turn up for first day of work, with the correct basic Personal Protection Equipment for that trade sector.

It is our duty that they have the correct PPE and in good condition throughout their apprenticeship.

Our friends at Placemakers will give each apprentice a ‘starter pack’, that will provide them with some goodies a well as Placemakers store discount card.


 “We are able to focus on our core skill of training on the job which results in a skilled tradesperson benefiting not only ourselves but the individual” 

- Gary Turner Joinery Manager, Stevenson & Williams Ltd



We take care of the responsibility and risk, HR and performance reviews and remove employment hassles so you can get on with the job

Understanding time is money, we are as motivated as you to achieve success. 4Trades will leave you with a fully skilled and qualified tradesperson who will be a valuable asset to your business.

As the employer, 4Trades deals with all the administration involved with taking on an apprentice. Our task is to reduce the compliance issues and costs involved in training young people leaving you to get on with your job.

All compliance cost payments are taken care of including ACC, PAYE, Kiwisaver and other taxes.

You’ll be doing your bit for the future of the industry and your own business too-a sound financial proposition!

“It’s a no brainer! I can leave work with my boots outside the front door, leaving 4Trades to look after everything else”

- Peggie Builders, Balclutha