Representation & Submissions

Representing Business at a Local Government Level:

Every year the Chamber reviews and makes submissions on the annual plans for Dunedin City Council; Clutha District Council; Waitaki District Council; Central Otago District Council and the Otago Regional Council.  The Chamber also actively engages in the Long Term planning for each of these councils and will make submissions on any developments relevant to business in the region.

The Otago Chamber of Commerce is currently working with the local Councils on the 2020 Annual Planning Process - a challenging process this year with many of the plans being released for feedback, just prior to the escalation of the COVID-19 response.  The economic landscape now looks very different from the way it did in late February/early March 2020.

 2019 Submissions:

  • Waitaki District Plan - Heritage Buildings
  • Central Otago Economic Development Strategy
  • Central City Plan
  • DCC Annual Plan
  • Waitaki District Plan
  • Emergency Management Otago Draft Plan
  • Clutha District Council Annual Plan

 We also submitted documents on:

  • Immigration
  • Easter trading
  • Otago Regional Council Annual Plan


Representing Local Business at a National Level:

When it is necessary to do so, the Otago Chamber submits documents to the New Zealand Government on issues affecting Otago Businesses.  We are also an active member of the National Chamber of Commerce and contribute to advocating for business at a national level through this forum.

 2019 Submissions:

  • Employer-Assisted Temporary Work Visa System
  • National Polytechnic Review